2024 Scholarship Applications open February 1, 2024 and close March 15, 2024

Update 3/16/2024 - Please Note - Application Period closed on March 15, 2024. 

Information in WEN on 3/16/2024 of an extended deadline is incorrect. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2024. The extended deadline is only for the FAFSA SAI info for those students that have completed filling out the application and provided transcript and FAFSA information as outlined below.

All students that have started the application process and have completed all required fields, uploaded a transcript with their name and most recent cumulative GPA, and uploaded a screenshot of their estimated SAI, or uploaded a screenshot that their FAFSA application is in process/in review or cannot calculate have an extended deadline for submitting FAFSA SAI info. This deadline of April 8, 2024 is for those students already in process as stated above. 

April 8, 2024 is the deadline to provide the actual FAFSA SAI amount in the Financial Information section and to upload a screenshot of that information to the Documents section.


Students fill out a Scholarship America Student Profile online anytime, then apply for CSF Westfield Dollars for Scholars scholarships between February 1st and March 15th, 2024. 

Eligibility Requirements for CSF Westfield Scholarships

  • Westfield resident.
  • Full time undergraduate student in the upcoming academic year (can apply up to 4 times).
  • SAI (Student Aid Index formerly EFC) from the FAFSA Submission Summary (formerly SAR) of $70,000 or less.

Students must do the following to be considered for CSF Westfield Scholarships 

  • Login below to create and fill out an online Student Profile.
  • Upload FAFSA Submission Summary (formerly SAR) for the upcoming academic year into the Student Profile. If you need more information about the FAFSA  go to FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid **PLEASE APPLY FOR THE FAFSA EARLY...Due to the recent changes, application processing is very slow.
  • High School seniors request Guidance Counselor to enter GPA & upload Transcript  
  • College students enter GPA and upload most recent complete college Transcript 
  • Complete all requirements & downloads and apply for scholarships during the open application period (February 1 to March 15) & by the March 15 deadline

Detailed Information****

IMPORTANT  -   Be sure email in the Student Profile is a personal email you check frequently for messages from CSF Westfield.


Click for PARENT CONSENT GUIDE Consent required only if student is under 16. 

Students, Parents, Counselors: Click to log in 


Submission of an application does not guarantee a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on meeting all application requirements, the money available, and the number of qualified  applicants with merit and financial need. Final selection of recipients will be made by the CSF Westfield Dollars for Scholars Awards Committee using an objective scoring system.